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Drawer Organizer


I really like the versatility of these. You can a range then many ways. They stack for deep drawers. Plus the removable dividers makes all the difference in how you can take advantage of them. These are perfect for organization and saving space. The packaging and quality of the product were far better than expected. I do trust this brand now for sure.


Fabulous! Look no further! These are fabulous! They are easy to use, versatile, easy to clean. I am so pleased with this purchase! We had remodeled our master bathroom and I wanted to be sure I got something really nice for the drawers and I found it! Every single thing about these is great! Different sizes and movable separators are fantastic! People who come over and see inside the drawer so amazed! We get ours and ours for the organization in our drawers! We are very very Pleased!!


I LOVE this organizer! I have been shopping for one for a few months now and couldn't find one that is easy to use, it looks nice and clean because of it's color. I also love that I can change it depending on what I"m using it for. It made my make-up drawer look amazing! I wish they would make them in different colors....not too many, but a nice blue or gray. My husband was jealous of mine and is planning to buy one for his drawers.


I love the Wowganiser! I'm using 3 of the containers in my small makeup drawer - it couldn't be more perfect. I especially like how you can move the dividers to suit your spacing needs, it's so easy, and the result looks great! I'd previously had my makeup in random small boxes in my makeup drawer, and now it's actually organized so it's always neat, looks nice and makes my time at the makeup table easier and much more pleasant. Love it!! If your makeup isn't organized, you really need this product. Highly recommend!

Amazon customer

I bought these to organize my antique vanity. The dividers are strong, yet easy to move around. One thing I noticed is that the edges of the dividers are thicker to improve strength but since the majority of the divider is thinner, it doesn't take up as much space. Although I don't use their stacking feature (my vanity drawers are quite short) I could definitely see the use for craft or office supplies.
I won't take off any stars for this, but since the Australian suppliers used a Chinese company to produce the items, I noticed a lot of grammatical errors on their packaging. As a small company, I thought this might be helpful for them to know.


We have a drawer that our 3-year-old threw everything in. I'd organize it and bag things up each week to keep it clean and by the end of the week, she had somehow made it look like the aftermath of someone dropping a grenade inside and walking away. We'd also find random things in there that had no business being in a bathroom drawer.

I bought two sets of these and after a little fiddling, I found a combination of the containers to fit and section them so I had plenty of room for everything plus extra space. My daughter can no longer reach in, grab a loose container of items while simultaneously pouring half out in the drawer and on the floor when she feels the need for yet another bandaid because she peeled the previous 14 off.


I have been on an organization kick lately and wanted to organize my vanity drawers which were just a MESS. I had everything thrown in there in disarray. In about 5 minutes of installation and organization, I had two drawers that looked so tidy! You can remove the separators to choose your section sizes which I had to do for a couple of them because the sections were way too small to be useful. Once I did that, I had room for Q-Tips, hair ties, makeup, first aid items, etc. Especially love that it is clear. Makes it look a lot nicer. I would recommend this to anyone who has drawers in need of TLC. For reference, my vanity drawers are 13in X 8.5in and I could fit two side by side in each drawer because there is one that is more narrow than the other.


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